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We value the positive reviews and success stories from our clients; see how NOODLEit has helped businesses make the most of their Oracle software implementation and how we can help you become more streamlined and nimble, too. If you have a client success story of your NOODLEit experience that you would like to share and have featured on our site, please contact us today.

NOODLEit Client Success Stories

County Government Data Clean-Up

The Scene: NOODLEit was engaged by a county government to complete a data clean-up and assurance engagement. The county had recently implemented the Oracle e-Business suite under the pressure of a tight timeline. One of the items that received reduced attention because of the timeline was the supplier file. It contained duplicate-triplicate-quadruplicate supplier names and tax identification numbers. The county recognized the necessity to attempt a clean-up before 1099 reports were due to the IRS.

The Solution: The county engaged NOODLEit to lead the clean-up effort, perform data quality assurance and develop a plan to minimize the issue going forward. NOODLEit went to work immediately and put in the long hours required to get the clean-up completed in time for the 1099 reports to be sent out. One issue the county faced that needed to be immediately addressed, was that duplicates were being created almost as fast as they were being cleaned-up. NOODLEit addressed this issue by creating supplier set-up and maintenance procedures and delivering a training program based on best practices and county business needs.

Goal Achievement: The training enabled the knowledge transfer from the consultants to the county staff and they were able to assume ownership of the process.

Full-Lifecycle Implementation for Trucking Logistics and Warehousing

The Scene: NOODLEit was engaged to serve as project management for an international trucking, logistics and warehousing company. Ten operating companies reported up to one parent company in the organizational structure. The company was migrating from a McCormack & Dodge AS 400 mainframe system that was so highly customized that the client no longer purchased support from the software company. In addition to project management, the company required extensive change management leadership since the 20-year-old business processes were so deeply engrained.

The Solution: NOODLEit provided project management and functional consulting services to complete requirements gathering, business process mapping, conversion strategy and data assurance as part of the overall Oracle Financials Implementation. The challenge in this implementation was that the companies operated autonomously, but the back office processing was completed centrally. NOODLEit developed an approach to satisfy the businesses needs for autonomy while centralizing the accounting functions, but still allowing the diverse individual company's financial statement needs. The organization underwent a massive chart of accounts clean-up and standardization effort. The legacy system billing engine necessitated development of interfaces in and out of Oracle Accounts Receivable.

Goal Achievement: NOODLEit led the engagement to success. Now the company is printing 3,000 plus multi-page invoices and settling with thousands of owner/operators daily. Prior to Oracle, it took three plus days to produce the financial statement package in the legacy system because all reports were produced in Excel. Now the financial statements can be produced in a matter of minutes by leveraging the power of Oracle Financial Statement Generator.

Global Consolidation System for a Public Utility

The Scene: NOODLEit was a member of the project team that replaced the legacy general ledger, accounts payable, expense and materials and procurement systems for a large public utility. The solution consisted of the Oracle Financials, PowerPlant and Maximo applications implemented to enable enterprise wide standard business processes. One of the objectives of the project was to automate the consolidation process. The original process contained several manual steps and numerous emails between the parent and subsidiaries.

The Solution: NOODLEit provided best practice insights to the organization's accounting and IT staff on the Oracle Global Consolidation System (GCS).

Goal Achievement: Utilizing GCS enabled the organizations to more systematically consolidate to the parent company. It eased research between parent and subsidiary and enabled the subsidiary companies to produce SEC formatted financial statements without reliance on the parent company to provide those figures.

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